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This is the home of the Amoeba RPG project.
Latest news:

Sept 23, 2005: Wow. Two years. What's old is new again however. Time for a fresh start.

August 8, 2003: Amoeba is not dead! Perhaps a little comatose, but not dead. I created a Konfabulator widget out of the current codebase and dubbed it TinyWorld. I'm going to add that code here as well as begin real progress again... (Sure... Andrew - we'll believe it when we see it :) )

Jan 26, 2003: I just re-ran the code from the latest (Tangerine) testcode and found that everything works! (still!) This is very good news, since I'm going to try to make the Tangerine codebase the first Alpha. Download the latest code and look under the in_progress directory.

Jan 15, 2003: Now that I've changed jobs a bit, I have time for projects like this again. Will I do something about it? Yes.

August 11, 2002: Inspired by the latest entries (one which looks alot like an amoeba style game) I'm going to begin filling in the blanks again... Promises promises.

April 01, 2002: Current builds of Amoeba still function properly, such as they are I'm committed to gettting something in an alpha state as soon as I can. I'm thinking that this will be something that waits to be working in mozilla 1.0 release builds, whenever that is. I'm still working on this - I'm just trying to find the time to get things going again.

Feb27, 2002: I'm stoked! The new CVS binary on seems to have fixed the problem with macCVSPro which kept me from using the most recent version to checkin files. Yay!

Feb 19, 2002: Updates should come alot more often now :) I'm moving development of this from my mac to my windows box - so I should be able to work on this from home and office. A new set of code will be started called Tangerine - which hopefully will incorporate the best what I can come up with and push this one to be the final alpha release version. Features for alpha

  • Saving and loading game
  • Simple game editor
  • xpi - installable package
  • installable game packages.

Feb 17, 2002: I believe I'm finally figuring out how to develop this application. This project has always first and foremost been a way for me to learn how to develop a xul application, and a testbed. But finally I'm learning what it's going to take to make this a really cool and first class app. More soon. Installer perhaps by first week in March.

Feb 8, 2002: I'm hoping to have an installable version of the engine by the end of the month. This way there can be more testing and feedback from users...

December 19, 2001: Still plugging away. I'm about to start a new initiative that will help keep this project alive and kicking.

November 11, 2001: Amoeba day - I'm spending as much time as I can today working on the new codebase "strawberry".

October 10 2001: I'm making a zip file available of the current source and tests. Many people dont have CVS and would like to play with the code. Here it is (zip file).

September 8, 2001: Still plugging away at the Plum build. Given that the XUL syntax itself is changing under my feet I'm going back and reworking things so that I use my own RPGML language to create the application, so that all I will need to do in the future is change XBL files instead of massively redoing everything.

I'm starting a game project called Fantasy Mist. This will serve as the pilot game for Amoeba.
I added a new screenshot to the sshots page. It shows amoeba embedded in another xul page on top of an html page. Very exciting!

July 15, 2001: Big news today. I'm on sabbatical now and I can spend voluminous amounts of time on this project. Look for major revisions FINALLY. It's been really frustrating wanting to work on this while having to do real world stuff. Now I can finally create RPGML, the rendering engine, load/save games and more! Yay! I wont rest till I can get a beta candidate done by the end of Aug.

See you then!


April 13, 2001: Since there have been so many XUL changes, and I want to redo stuff from almost scratch, I've put off tweaking Amoeba right at the moment. But I am going to be going on Sabbatical from work in a short time, and I will be spending a ton of time on Amoeba. Just to give you a taste, I updated the Logo with one of the Mascot's of this game. Her name is Amiee. She has a partner you will be seeing soon :)



March 6, 2001: Wow almost two months and no updates. Ugh sorry. I've been fixing Mozilla bugs for the past few months and I've not had a moment edgwise to allocate to Amoeba stuff. That is changing now as I've been reminded by a few of you folks out there to keep this party going :). I've contracted an artist to start doing some logo and other artwork , and I'm going in to start getting the UI more like it should be. I'm almost to the point where the project can take submissions from the outside world. Also in other news there's a mozdev newsgroup which should probably be the central point of discussion:


Jan 12, 2001: I added a new feature where you can post feedback - so you could post feedback, ask questions or whatever you like.

Jan 05, 2001: I've spent some time on a prototype of a tile map editor, which will create single layered maps, and seems to work pretty well. I'm including it in today's downloadable zip file.

  • Go to src/editor/editor.xul
  • Click on "new" right under the "maps" tag.
  • Indicate how many rows and cols you want.
  • Now go to the tiles pallette and click on a tile.
  • Click anywhere on the map you just created to place a tile.
  • Click generate XUL to output the current view to a map.
  • To see the outputted code, click on the "debug_out" tab.
  • You can copy/paste this to your own map file if you want.

Here is the zip file:

Dec 29, 2000: Wow in 1 month I've come a long way in building something that can be the basis for a cool RPG engine. I got player stats working , and the monsters can hurt you if they run into you (you can even die now). I am posting a new snapshot below. As always, launch amoeba.xul under src/engine/amoeba.xul. Next week Ill try to get this in a xpi file where it adds Amoeba to your Tasks menu in your browser!! cool. See you next year and enjoy the game.

I also updated the screenshots area. Remeber you must open this XUL file within either Netscape 6, or recent builds of Mozilla.


December 28,2000: More work today. I added dynamically created Creatures with Movement and Collision detection! Who hoo! Tomorrow I will try to get player stats working. I may work on a map editor sometime soon too. Hopefully by the end of the day tomorrow creatures will harm you and possibly kill you if you run into them! Coool. Heh.

December 27, 2000: Lots of work on Amoeba in the past few days. Download the new snapshot today and load amoeba.xul under src/engine/amoeba.xul

Go to file--> load demo

Move around with the arrow keys. Bump into the flashing stars. Lots of changes and and stuff. Try to get to the 3rd level and bump into the burning torches :)

December 20, 2000: Beginning work on the actual engine today. I'm shooting for having a working demo by years' end.

Here's a very new zip file- load the amoeba.xul under the src/engine/ directory. After you see the splash screen, go to file --> load demo.

This will load a basic level, and you can walk around, pop up dialog, have collision detection etc. etc. The cool part is it's all customizable via the game.xul file ! Just change around some of the ascii chars in each of the level tags and see what you come up with. The file definitions are in a file called tilemap.js

December 13, 2000: Folks have been asking for a non CVS snapshot of the current work in progress, so here's a link to a zip file containing all the amoeba stuff to date. The most interesting stuff right now is in all the directories under tests. I am working on text dialogs, ascii mapping, collision, background music and more!


December 4, 2000: I had two days of pure time to dedicate to work and I have test implementations now of the popup text dialogs (like you see in most Final Fantasy style games) and I also have the implementation of the first sort of MAP format. You can very easily create multi-level maps now without any grid or image hassles. This will dramatically increase I think the number of folks building maps when this format comes out. It's as easy as typing ascii characters.

To see this stuff in action, pull down the most recent source via CVS:

Check out the source using anonymous CVS with the following commands
(password is guest):
cvs -d login
cvs -d co amoeba/src


Look in the TESTS directory - inside of transitions are files to demo the popup dialogs (when characters are talking) - try loading trans006.xul and clicking the big button. You will see a dialog pop up. Hit the "next" button to see how it works. Then view the source. I am taking very much advantage of XBL to simplify the syntax.


Look also in the ASCII_MAP directory. Here is another set of demo to illustrate how mapping will work. You will create a MAP tag which will have some other tags. Other tags like CHARACTER will come later, but right now you can see how LEVEL will work. All you will need to do is assign an ASCII character to a tile defintion (I'm working to get past the 26 letter limit very soon) and then "paint" with characters! Each level builds on top of the other , so you can have infinite-level maps!! Play with it.




We've moved to our new gracious host here at mozdev. This will allow us to take advantage of the many cool features planned for mozdev projects. Thanks to all the folks at Mozdev !


Help! We need a new logo!

We also have discussion/src/etc at sourceforge:




The amoeba project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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