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About Amoeba RPG

The Amoeba RPG project is a Mozilla-based game engine which will allow anyone to create classic "super nintendo" or "early final fantasy" - style games. These are basically top-down tile-based adventure and role-playing games. Mozilla is uniquely qualified to be the "engine" behind this - since it already includes the facilities for displaying images, playing sounds, network connectivity , custom UI, and much more!

I love classic RPG games, and I've seen many of the currently existing "RPG Makers" out there. (For an excellent site with many RPG making programs, visit ) But what troubled me is that each program had its own way of building a game, and they are not in much of any way compatible with one another. So I am setting out to do 3 things with this RPG engine:

  1. Create an XML language for defining classic RPG games
  2. Create a cool cross-platform engine for playing RPG games
  3. Create a cool RPG of my own in this engine

These are lofty goals, but with Mozilla being so powerful, and XML being the language of choice, and with javascript already available as a scripting language - I'm sure I can succeed in this. And a great side effect of this whole thing will be that finally game builders can start developing games in a cross-platform way - plus I want to encourage other gaming systems to help to create an XML-based standard for classic RPG games - this way other game systems could read/write/edit games using the same format. Plus all the code will be released under the MPL (Mozilla Public License) so others can take this code and write their own game engines. It's my hope that with your help, we can create a really kickass engine!

Here are some of the current stock of ideas:

  1. Networked RPG games (like Dark Ages:
  2. Battle systems
  3. Multiple sound support
  4. XML-based game format
  5. Javascript-based scripting
  6. Object - oriented design

If you would like to help out with this project - email me at





The amoeba project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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